The King of Kong – Billy Mitchell videos


Back in 2010, I was enthralled with competitive gaming. Not the recent popular games like Halo and Starcraft, but rather, retro games like the 80s’ smash hit “Donkey Kong.” It all started when I saw the documentary “The King of Kong,” which is about an average joe, Steve Weibe, trying to break the Guinness Book of Records by scoring the most points in the game. The documentary introduces us with the world of competitive retro gaming and its history. It also introduces us with an awesome antagonist named Billy Mitchell. He was then the recorder holder, and he was very cocky, confidant and just the perfect bad guy in the film. And oh yeah, he rocks a mullet too. Go see the documentary if you haven’t, it’s interesting, funny and inspiring.

Billy Mitchell

Anyway, after watching the film, I got one of my friends who look kinda like him. Long hair, the same facial features with a beard, and he is an awesome actor. So I made him act as Billy Mitchell and do a promo, like a wrestling character. And what we got was a masterpiece. The then record holder was Hank Chien, so he did a video challenging him (and intimidate) like a wrestler would do, except it’s about taking his Donkey Kong world record back. Just the premise is ridiculous, but heck, it’s hilarious to us. Here is the video:

The reaction we got was hilarious. Some people believed it was actually him. Though, some people knew the guy on the video was a bit younger than Billy himself. But the response we got was tremendous, just reading the comment makes me chuckle to this day. Some defended Steve Weibe, Hank Chien and even Billy Mitchell, while others just bad mouths Billy Mitchell. And oh yeah, the people who knew this was a joke liked it, while others hated it. It didn’t matter because it was hilarious and the promo was way better than some of the people in the wrestling circuit. So we did another and it was a bit more ridiculous than the last:

Yeah, at this point we dressed Billy up with Viking gear (our Halloween Costume then) and made him insane since Steve Weibe took the record then, so people should know it is a joke. But there was still some people who thought it was the real Billy Mitchell, or thought it was funny because it looked like he was LARPing. Regardless, this got into the attention of Hank Chien, the now record holder who got in touch to do a radio interview with me:

It’s pretty awesome to personally know a Guinness World Record holder (and a plastic surgeon!), and do all the fun videos that led us to get to know him. It kinda sucks that my friend stopped acting; otherwise, we would do more Billy Mitchell videos, maybe even an action movie too!


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