Suicide Squad first trailer

During San Diego Comic Con, DC and Warner Bros. premiered the first trailer of the most anticipated super villain team movie ‘Suicide Squad.’ At first, there was a leaked footage during the weekend, but today, Warner Bros. uploaded the trailer in its HD glory. It’s pretty awesome. Harley Quinn looks hot. Killer Croc looks vicious. The Joker… let’s just say it is pretty freakin’ sweet. He has a pretty lengthly screen time on the trailer. Now all doubters can shut … Continue reading

SUPERHEROES: Special Effects Make-Up @ Youtube Space NY

As a filmmaker and makeup artist, it was important to me to be able to determine my source of inspiration as well as find a way to combine my arts. I knew horror was definitely my favorite genre, and Halloween, my favorite holiday. I found an old tube of fake blood left over from my zombie costume and it started from there. The costumes, the makeup, and the chance to be anything you want are what attracted me. I love … Continue reading

Nike Air Max ’95 Independence Day

What are you wearing for the 4th of July? Well, Nike will be releasing an awesome rendition of an old school silhouette of Nike Air Max 95 for the festivities of America’s birthday. This one, dubbed Independence Day, is an all red upper, blue with stars inner, and a white sole, and gum bottom to add a nice touch to this shoe. The laces are red too, with white patterns and gold tips. It looks pretty awesome and this model … Continue reading

The Rush

I am a big Starcraft fan. I’ve played all the games and loved every minute of it. I also like Freddie Wong videos on Youtube because he does awesome VFX and always has some video game theme in all his videos. Now mix both FreddieW and Starcraft together, and what do you get? This awesome short video called “The Rush.” It also stars Ellary Porterfield, widely known as Ki Swan from Freddie Wong’s Video Game High (she’s one of my … Continue reading

Knicks Draft Night 2015

After tanking last season, the NY Knicks couldn’t even get the 1st or 2nd or even 3rd NBA Draft pick. They got the 4th, disappointing all of the New York sports fans everywhere. On draft night, they drafted the 7 footer power forward from Latvia, Kristaps Porzingis, which no one knows about. Disappointing more fans during draft night. I was in the middle. I know for the fact that the Zen Master, Phil Jackson, isn’t that dumb to gamble the … Continue reading

AREPA’S café

Ever crave delicious Colombian/Venezuelan food on a rainy night? Well I did, and on my journey through the dripping streets of Astoria, Queens I was lucky enough to cross paths with Arepa’s café. This place was a hidden gem in Astoria and I took the risk of entering without glancing at the menu because my stomach could not wait any longer. Usually I am a bit pensive before entering a new spot, but once I was greeted with a plate … Continue reading

Dayside meets Stan Lee

“With great power there must also come great responsibility” There are certain combinations of words that have the ability to connect with you. Words that symbolize a kind meaning that encourage you to flourish in your life. Stan Lee has the creative brilliance to connect audiences with his words and his comics. As former president for Marvel Comics, Stan Lee has left his mark on the comic world and has helped build a legacy for imagination and creativity for the … Continue reading

Samoa Joe T-shirt

Samoa Joe has been a phenomenal performer on various wrestling organization like Ring of Honor and TNA. So it was no brainer for WWE to sign him under their hottest brand right now, NXT. He made his debut on May 20th, 2015 feuding one of the top heels in the organization, Kevin Owens. The wrestling community exploded. Furthermore, WWE took advantage of his debut by selling the new Samoa Joe T-shirt on WWE Shop. It was sold out instantly and … Continue reading

Laurie Simmons: How We See

How We See is a photo series that challenges the role of femininity in society. Laurie Simmons work is focused on capturing still lives in domesticated spaces she creates by using cosmetics, baby dolls, anime characters to comment on gender binary roles in our western culture. However, in this series she steps out of her comfort zone and captures portraits of six young women to portray the “doll girl” image to represent the alterations women must make in order to … Continue reading

Tomo III

If I want, I can walk a few blocks down to eat Greek food, walk a couple more and eat Brazilian or Colombian or even have some Polish, New Yorkers that live in the center of the city get to eat food from around the world. However, let’s be honest, almost nothing beats sushi, and if you are a fan like I am, I am going to tell you where to bring yourself and your friends to treat your taste … Continue reading