2x Review: Dredd & The Raid

Double review time!

The new Judge Dredd movie and the international hit “The Raid” are both great action packed movies that is a must watch for any violent adrenaline junkie out there. They are both successful in the action genre because of the well executed fast paced action scenes, Dredd was with guns and explosions, and The Raid was with its martial art goodness. Both has the same plot, police officers trapped in an apartment complex and must survive as they get hunted down, but both have different concepts.

Let’s make it clear that The Raid came out a year ago internationally, mainly in Indonesia, where it originated, and then it was released to the rest of Asia. Earlier this year, it got a U.S. release because of the positive reviews at its world premiere in Toronto International Film Festival. The Buzz soon came after when more reviews came and word of mouth about a movie that’s “the best action movie I’ve seen in a long time.” I had to check it out once it was released on Blu-Ray. I had to buy it. And to my surprise, it is what people said it was: a great action movie done right. It had great fight sequences, new ones that movies hasn’t done yet like Indonesia’s Silat martial art, then it had guns fights, crazy stunts and good acting. The plot is good too, but the whole fight choreography and stunts is what made this film shine. I’d say buy the DVD or Blu-Ray and check it out for yourself. It’s worth because it is that good. I give it a 7 out of 7.

Now let’s move on to Dredd. I didn’t want to see this movie for 2 reasons. Reason number 1, the Stallone Judge Dredd movie sucks and it is laughable, I don’t know how I’m going to see the new movie without thinking of Stallone’s slurred speech saying “I am the Law.” Reason number 2, when I saw the trailer I notice the similar plot between Dredd and The Raid, I totally knew it was ripping off an Asian movie and making it a dumb American movie set in the Judge Dredd Universe. But one boring Sunday night came, and my friends and I decided to watch a movie for the hell of it. They said that despite the crappy Stallone movie and the rip off plot, Dredd actually had good reviews from critics (which is rare for actions flicks) and has positive reviews in both metacritic and rotten tomatoes. So we watched it expecting a bad action movie, but instead, it blew us away. It was a great action movie that defined the comic book character Judge Dredd, which Stallone couldn’t do in the earlier film. It had the same plot and element as The Raid did, but it stood out by defining the comic book universe of Judge Dredd and its characters. Also, the action scenes, mainly guns, were great and exciting. The special effect like the slow motion effect (because of the drug) was good too. I like the story telling more here because it actually had good characterization build up. You’ll get to know Judge Dredd and his partner, Anderson, throughout the movie, and you’ll notice how bad ass the two are. One thing I didn’t like was that it was advertised as “Dredd 3D” so I was expecting a lot of 3D effects that were eye popping. Nope. Nothing. It was just a regular movie with a depth of field. So see it on a regular movie price, not 3D. Otherwise, it a a great movie just like The Raid. I give it a 6 out of 7 (one point deducted due to the extra cost of 3D).

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