Fight For Love Game Show!

We shot this short in one day. Then I edited it in the next day. Then a friend added vfx on the third day. This is what we came up with for the 72 hour Film Shootout by the Asian American Film Lab. We wanted something to show off what we can do. We can do zombies, we can do martial arts choreography, we can do comedy, we can do gun fights and heck, we can even do Vikings. That’s why we won the “Most Original” award and was nominated for “Best Director” and “Best editor.” We couldn’t be anymore happy with the outcome.

The theme was “This is only a test.” With that theme, what better way to do it than write something about a game show. A lot of people thought of using pregnancy test, or even relationship test. Screw that, let’s do a game show and just be silly and fun, since after all, that’s what we are all about.

At first, I thought our film wasn’t going to make the film festival since it wasn’t an “artsy” film. But whatever, I let destiny do its course and I was surprise to see that our film was screened and won “Most Original,” and was even nominated for several others. Wow!

I’d like to thank Hen and the whole PTX crew for the awesome support and vfx. David, Oleg, Sean and Seth are great awesome actors. Chi for doing great make up and P/A stuff. Shaun at the camera as always. Earl for the audio and Asian American Film Lab and Asian American International Film Festival.

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