For The Win (short film)

For The Win, is based on a pop/dance song and music video I did last year. I wanted to make a short film out of it, but I didn’t know how to approach it. But while watching one of my favorite TV series “The Office,” I got the idea to do something like that. And behold, the ‘talking head’ method! It was really fun shooting this since everybody was cool and fun. I got to work with amazing people like Jake, Violet, Karim (again!), and finally my friend David to do the part. I was suppose to play the main character(hence the name in the script ‘Girard’), but decided to work behind the camera and called David. It worked great. I got to work with the great dance crew Clock Strikes 12 (half of them) again, and with some of my friends like Angie, Ferdinand, Jeannina and Humberto (the creepy professor). This short film was shot in one day in LaGuardia Community College.

You can check out the production photos here. Please like the facebook page :]

Another purpose for this short was the ‘Campus Movie Fest’ film festival, which I took part in. This short got up to the Top 16 (out of 80 films), but didn’t advance after. Oh well, as long as we created this masterpiece and people laughed and enjoyed it, it was well worth it.

Thanks for the people who helped out, specially Joniebert Castro & John Mok. Without you guys, this would’ve never been made (or at least won’t look as good).

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