Up For Nothing’s “Can’t Get Away/After Midnight” official music video

Up For Nothing is a Brooklyn based punk band. They were the band that I first interviewed back in 2003 when I did my radio show at Brooklyn College. On 2011, we collaborated on a fun music video. We mixed Up For Nothing’s fast fun music with Dayside Production’s comedy/action genre. Then we came up with this.

We shot this in 1 day using my Canon T2i, light equipment from the college I work at, and a skateboard for the dolly shots. It was a quick shoot, but was very exhausting because I had to take several shots. In other words, we played the song like 100 times. But it was fun, which what this whole production is all about.

This music video will be promoted by BlankTV. They think this music video is up to the level of such great bands as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Amon Amarth and Big D & The Kids Table. It is such an honor.

To check out more Up For Nothing’s music, click here

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