Beautiful Mess music video

“The song ‘Beautiful Mess’ is about a girl/boy who found themselves in a relationship that isn’t working out too well. They try their best to keep it together & hold things together but in the end they end up losing everything one by one. They have forced themselves to make themselves stay with the other to a point where they have lost their feelings towards one another.”Waty N.

I tried several times to make a dramatic piece, but it often ends up turning into a comedy. But when I started making music videos I think I just executed a fairly well dramatic video. Behold, “Beautiful Mess” by Waty. With this very intense break up song and the talented acting capabilities of Ace and Jennifer, I captured my first dramatic video. It was an honor to make a music video for the talented Waty. To see more of her music go visit her youtube site here.

Here’s the lyrics:

(Verse 1)
This is it, oh baby, I gotta let this out now
Do you hear me scream? Cause’ I know your blind to believe.

Forget me, and the little things that matter
I’ve put up this fight. Yes, I’m done inside

You pretend, you pretend, you pretend
You’re a man, but you’re not my friend
I can’t take it we wont make it

Realize, realize, realize
This relationship must die

So here I am, away from the sun
Away from this beautiful mess I live on

To get away from pain, and all the games you play
You are the reason I don’t believe in love anymore

(Verse 2)
It is you who swallowed, a tradition you can’t follow
So take back those rules you once,
Told me to put aside my feelings, and to settle with your sister
God I’ve tried so hard, now it won’t go far

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