A Case of Mistaken Identities (Short Film)

“A Case of Mistaken Identities” is the short film we submitted for Asian American Film Lab’s 72 Hour Shootout. We only had 72 hours when the the theme is given to write, shoot and edit; and then submit it to hopefully be part of the Top 10 film to screen at Asian American International Film Festival in the West Village Cinema theatre.

We wanted to go for the win, so we met the night when the theme was given. The theme was “Two Faces” and we had so many interpretation with it. We could’ve gone through the route where it’s more relevant in media which was gender identity, or even race identity or someone living a double life. We went on to choose being catfished, a term used when someone gets tricked online when the significant other isn’t the person they said they are. And also, made it a wrestling theme to work again with the fantastic Josef Von Schmidt and his school Pro Wrestling Academy in Connecticut.

In the end, we were very satisfied with what we got. It was fun to make and we enjoyed traveling from NY to CT. It took us about 2 days to do everything from thinking of a concept to shooting and then editing. It was easy, we could’ve done the 48hr shootout with our skills.

This film made the Top 10 film of the 72hr Shootout and was screened at the Asian American Film Festival in its entirety.

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