The Fight For Love (Feature) (2009)

Shot in 2009 with a Sony DV tape Camcorder (standard definition) with a cheap mono mic that’s taped to a mop pole and a lot of lamps for lights. This was my first big project back in the days and we didn’t really know what we were doing. I just started film production classes, some started acting classes and while some doesn’t have any expertise what so ever, just the passion and the drive to make something awesome. We did it for fun also. As horrible as it is, we really enjoyed making this.

Looking back, there were many cringe worthy scenes, my acting specially, but when Vicious comes out, I think it’s still funny today. This might look like a horrible mistake, but I’m glad I made it and have learned from it.

Sometimes when you plan do things, good or bad, it’s still beneficial to actually do it rather than not do anything. Like a great philosopher once said “Sucking at something is the first step to be coming sorta good at something.” Up to now, we have won several awards with our latest films, like “This Moment” & “Romance of the Dead,” and have screened at Cannes International Film Festival.

Back then we couldn’t even get a MMA ring or anything resembling a fighting ring, now we have friends who OWNS a wrestling ring. Now we have actors who acted in network TV series and Hollywood movies, and even models! It’s funny reflecting back to this and looking to where we are at right now. You can see progression. We are always working on our craft, and so far, our hard work pays off.


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