“Back to you” Doritos Crash The Superbowl Commercial

For this year’s Doritos Commercial, I decided to do a stop motion animation. I used what I learned from the Internet Icon show, more specifically the The Fu’s “Coming Home” video, and made an awesome adventure story of a Doritos back coming back to its owner.

When we flew to LA for the finale, we did a collaboration video with everyone. When the Fu was doing their bit with the duck, I asked questions and watched closely on how they did their stop motion technique. It was rather simple but very tedious.

I got a good friend of mine, who is pretty good with art, helped me with the design for cut outs. From the dragon, the fire, the clouds, spaceship, UFO, birds, stars, planet and the moon, it was all her doing and it was well done. It us about 8 hours to finish most of the animation and another 3 hours with the rest. It was a long process but it was worth it because in the end it looked magical.

I got to work with the beautiful Maggie McGuire again (the last time with the short film “The Last Farewell”). Fresh from a Abercrombie & Fitch photo shoot, she was the perfect part for the commercial due to her all american look.

Also, Hen, from ProtohtypX, did some retouching in the background to make it a bit smoother.

In the end, even though we won’t win the contest, we are proud with our very first stop motion animation. A lot of people seem to like the charm of it, and just having what I’ve envision of a simple Doritos bag coming to life and battling dragons and going up to a spaceship to space just to land to her hands again, was plain awesome.

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