NY Comic Con Animefest 2010

This year, NY Comic Con and NY Animefest joined forces to have one all out crazy HUGE event. I was there to document the event, and I, for the first time ever, cosplayed as one of a character from the series I’m currently watching, Luffy from One Piece. If you watched the video, I had a lot of fun and met many cool people with crazy costumes. But besides that, it was frustrating and a very tiring day.

Being 2 conventions in one, it was really crowded. I know cons can be crowded, but this time it was really REALLY crowded. There was one instant where I got stuck in the autograph area for 5 minutes without moving. I was mad being shoulder to shoulder with sweaty fan boys. Also, I kinda felt bad for the Animefest side because they were stuck in the basement and they weren’t featured as much in the main area. At one point, I was trying to look for people with costumes but there weren’t any in the area of the Comic Con side because most of the cosplayers were in the basement.

I think next year, they should have 2 different cons rather than joining the two. Either way, it was fun, and cosplaying made the experience better. I’ll be definitely cosplaying next year. Which one do you think I should cosplay as? Afro Boxing Luffy or Franky from One Piece?

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