Slender: The 8 Pages

I was hesitant to actually do a horror video. I’m not a big fan of the genre. I rarely watch it and I don’t really enjoy it. And the last time I did one, my group got eliminated from the Internet Icon show. So yeah, you can see why I keep my distance with this genre. Regardless, I want to work on my craft of filmmaking and I NEED to be good at every genre. If I want to be the best, then I need hit on every aspect of filmmaking.

One thing I do like is survival horror video games, like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Recently, a free indie game became really popular called “Slender: The 8 Pages” which is based on the Slender Man folklore. The concept is pretty easy, the player needs to collect 8 pages while avoiding Slender Man, the more pages you collect he becomes faster. So yeah, I can make a whole movie based on this, hence, this short film! I made it a Blair Witch style, so it was really easy to film and edit.

If it gets enough positive praise, maybe I can make the whole short film and make it a new “Scream” movie of the new generation. We’ll see…

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