Chinese Super Mario

Everyone was making their own version of Super Mario. I wanted to do something that wasn’t done before. I knew how to do action films, but there are already so many out, like the GTA version and the Modern Warfare version. Then it came to me. I’m Asian! And my hero is Jackie Chan! I checked if the Chinese made a Mario movie, and no, I wanted to be the first one to do so. Hence, Chinese Super Mario was born!

Of course, the story had to revolve around the Princess needed to be rescued, so I had Bowser to be a Chinese Mafia leader, the leader of the shroom drug trade in NYC, and abduct her so her dad, the mayor, can call off the drug investigation. The mayor’s only hope left is Mario, a martial artist complete with the flaming fist technique. I remember in the movie “Ong Bak” and there was a scene where Tony Jaa has flaming kicks, so I wanted to do flaming fists on this one. I think it was a hilarious thought.

I wanted to make it feel like the old 80s’ Jackie Chan and Stephen Chow films, complete with Canto and English subtitles that are hard to read since it was white with no black outline. So yeah, we did that on purpose. The best music to choose from were from the local NYC bands, Hsu-nami and Notorious MSG. Hsu-nami has the traditional chinese erhu with a rock theme, so it was perfect. And what I wanted to do, since there was a chinatown gangster scene, was to use Notorious MSG’s “Chinatown Hustler” song. So I contacted Hong Kong Fever, their leader, and he approved it. Thanks dude!

It was fun making this, and it was hard to keep a straight face since we were laughing all the time. The location we used was Chinatown, Central Park, and LaGuardia Community College. The comments and the stares we got were priceless, since they didn’t know if it was the actual mario or something else that we were filming, heh, our Mario didn’t have mustache!

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