Jeremy Lin the Movie: Before Linsanity

Jeremy Lin the Movie (trailer) (2012) from Girard Tecson on Vimeo.

Remember when Linsanity struck? A knick reporter talked to Spike Lee and asked if he’s up to do a Jeremy Lin movie. Well I beat him to it, kinda. I made this movie trailer to do a cool 80s style action/comedy movie starring none other than the most talked about Asian American, Jeremy Lin, played by one of my good friend, Jake Choi, who plays ball too.

I asked a lot of people to be part of this short, and I got great people like Hen and his crew, ProtohtypX, to do the fight choreography. Then we got Pawel and Oleg who played the Russian mafia. Another great Asian American actor, Chen Tang, played the part of Jeremy’s big brother, Josh Lin. Special thanks to Sean, Seth, Kelly, Kalon and others who took part of this short.

We aren’t planning to do a whole movie. But if we do get donations or sponsors, and even producers, we might just do it. Let me know if you’re interested:

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  1. Thanks and good job. It was an honor!