“Number 1″ (Official Music video)

This is my official second original music video (first one was FTW). This time we hit it up with a bang! We went on to do a collaboration with New Jersey’s Triangle Offense, then we had auditioned for the female MC, and Miso Kim blew everyone away,she got the spot, then we added the up and coming actor/model Jake Choi to add fire to this unbeatable combination. Then mix that up with Grammy Award winning audio engineer DJ NoRequest, we got an epic song.

I wanted to do a song about winning against a dude who takes video game too seriously. You know, the dude that thinks he’s the shit when he wins and starts trash talking with phrases like “Noob” and “Pwned.” This annoys the hell out of me. Hence, the concept for the music video. I got Lawrence Page to help me write the hook of the song, and it was very catchy. We got the green light and had Triangle Offense write the verses, and boy, they wrote it. The lyrics they wrote were beast.

We had an audition for a female MC, a few came, but we had to stop everything once Miso Kim started because she nailed it. She emulated the baddest female MC in the world, CL, spot on. And yeah, I’m a 2NE1 fan so she was a go! Jake Choi referred me to her, which I gave him some verses too.

The song was done in late early August, it was mixed by DJ NoRequest (he won a Grammy!) that’s why it sounded really professional. We began filming in late August before school started again.

I was looking for a dance crew since Clock Strikes 12 was busy. While watching D-Pryde’s music video, I notice the dancers. It was Unique Movement, and they were down for the collaboration. But it wasn’t enough, I wanted more, so I booked Image Crew for some extra flare.

I also had my friends to be part of it. You’ll spot them here and there in the video. I even bought a WWE championship belt for it. I’m a wrestling fan and this music video gave me the motivation to actually by one. And also, CL had one in “I’m the Best” music video, so I had to do it too. I also got the Jomo sunglasses too.

Once the video was finished, I noticed that it was a bit too gangsta and serious, like a real rap/ hip-hop video. We had beer, a party, dancing etc. I wasn’t going for that. I was going for a video game theme super fun music video, so i added extra days to film with that theme. Hence, Marq as Ash from Pokemon, Dancing Boba Fett and Mortal Kombat characters. I also added a new dancer, Nia Nitro in the mix. With the new addition, it gave a perfect balance of Hip-hop and the Nerd theme.

Speaking of the Nerd, I booked Seth Baird for the part. He is a great actor and he took the role seriously, as to even study my nerd friend for characteristics and behavior. If you’re reading this Davis, yeah, it’s you, except Seth added a bit more RAGE and a little Dwight from the Office. Oh yeah, you gotta love the Jurassic Park the Ride T-shirt. Classic.

Lastly, Karim Metwaly did the VFX for it. His skills in editing and VFX was improving and he took on the task. In the end, he went all out and to even add homage to Ryo from Shenmue. He did a great job giving it more of a video game flare.

Well, that’s about it. It was fun doing this song and music video. I’m looking forward to do more. And if you’re reading this, please spread the word out. Thanks.

– Girard

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