Up For Nothing – The Slouch

This was my second music video I did for Up For Nothing. They gave me one of their best song “The Slouch” on their latest album “Twelve Stories Down,” so I had to make it better than the last video ( Can’t Get Away/After Midnight ). This time, I wanted to make it a bit serious, but Up For Nothing’s silly, fun and quirky personalities kinda made a mix of both serious and comedy.

My concept was to have them play music in the middle of the block and have all the people passing by hate on them, until in the end, where a dude (my friend Harold) approaches them and shows interest in their music. I wanted to touch how some people are becoming cynical and are just hating on whatever. But it got sillier since Jesse (the drummer) didn’t have cymbals and drumsticks, and Steve was a mic short. So Jesse use 2 branches as drumstick and Steve used an ice cream cone for a mic.

Everything was shoot in 3 hours, and edit it within 2 days. We used my Canon T2i with a Nikon 50mm lens and the kit lens for the wide shot.

It was a fun shoot and I’m looking forward in producing more videos with them.

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