A Good Man

This was first attempt to do a drama/ experimental film. I made this on 2009 for the Campus Moviefest event and it made the “Top 16” and won the “Wild Card” award. I’ve always made comedy and action flicks, but never a serious one. And this one was way too serious. My audience was split about it. Some thought it was a comedy, and the others thought it was very deep. It was a hit or miss, but in the end, the message stands clear.

Director’s notes:
The black and white setting signifies that everything is taking place inside the main characters head. The black man yelling at him is the conscious, or the ‘man.’ While at his current state of denial and depression, ‘the man’ convinces him that he didn’t do anything wrong and that his girl was a whore for hurting him. When he accepts this, everything goes back to color and now can move on with his life.

This was another personal piece. I’ve got cheated on by my ex-girlfriend (about 5 years prior) and blamed myself for it. I felt bad, I felt like the world ended, and I wanted to die. It was pathetic and it was embarrassing to act that way, but I was young with a broken heart. I put myself together and thought things through. It wasn’t my fault really because I didn’t do anything. So I summed up a conclusion: she was a whore. I felt really good afterwards and my life began a new.

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